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Why Choose PacTrack Courier Logistics

By choosing PacTrack as your courier logistics provider, your orders will be managed with 25+ years of experience in the industry. Included within the service, our logistics platform provides our customers with features such as online order entry and real-time tracking, barcoding, electronic signature, route optimization, and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) capability with Over/Shortage & Damaged (OS&D) reports. All orders are verified with the time, date, and GPS-coordinates of where the order was completed. Our PacTrack team is a fast, friendly, and comprehensive courier logistics provider.

What is Courier Logistics?

From entry to completion, each order is reviewed and executed with care. For the on demand orders placed online, our dispatchers use GPS-based software to find the closest driver and will e-mail you upon dispatch. E-mail notification can be configured to your liking. Do you want to who signed and when it was picked up and delivered? No problem. Because our software integrates with a mobile platform, Proof of Delivery with GPS-coordinates. electronic signature, and even photos  can be made available and be provided in real-time.

Our motif is customer-specific logistics. Upon Making the Switch, each client undergoes a Discovery phase, allowing our Logistics Team to create routes and logistics that are both compliant and cost-effective.

20 compelling reasons why firms across the Southern California are turning to PacTrack for their courier service needs.



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Operations Team with 25+ Years of Courier Service Experience pac-25
Woman owned Business Entity (WBE) pac-25
Routed Same-Day & Next-Day delivery services, Med-STAT services, and On-Call services pac-25
Hospitals, Clinical laboratories, Blood banks, Pharmacies, Doctors and clinics, Nursing homes, and Healthcare industry pac-25
In addition to pathology specimens, we also transport laboratory reports, supplies, and X-ray and Medical records pac-25
Computerized Operational, Dispatch & Tracking Software with ability to exchange data with other systems pac-25
Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) capability with Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) reports pac-25
Dedicated web-based portal with access to real-time tracking of pickups and deliveries with electronic signature capture pac-25
Couriers are direct employees of our company and are trained in HIPPA compliance pac-25
At hire, our Human Resources department performs background checks on each courier pac-25
Before entering the field, our couriers earn certification in proper handling of biological and bio-hazardous specimens pac-25
Courier  will arrive in uniform, with company identification badge, and with a GPS-tracked barcode-scanning mobile computer pac-25
Couriers carry properly labeled specimen transport containers to ensure specimen integrity pac-25
Dry Ice and Dry Ice specimen containers are provided to our couriers pac-25
Courier vehicles carry appropriate spill kit in the vent of accident or container breaks or leaks pac-25
On-site warehouse capabilities that can manage and stabilize various biological specimens at required temperature state pac-25
Operational infrastructure to handle Refrigerated, Frozen, Warm Temperature, and Room Temperature specimens pac-25
Fast, friendly, and comprehensive Healthcare Logistics service pac-25